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I really appreciate Dr. Dodson and my new front tooth. When I came to see Dr. Dodson I had a missing front tooth. I had worn a flipper for years to fill in my smile. It was uncomfortable and I was very aware of it. He made me a beautiful new permanent tooth that matches my other teeth perfectly! Now

Tooth Decays in Toddlers and Infants

Tooth decay poses a serious threat for today’s kids. Twenty-eight percent of children aged two to five in the US have tooth decay, this according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The pain interferes with the kids’ eating, playing, sleeping, and other activities. While tooth decay treatments are readily available, the best cure is still prevention.

To avert any tooth decay, always maintain a healthy mouth. Have your kids eat healthy. Sensible food choices are keys to a strong and healthy set of teeth and bones. Moreover, maintain the habit of brushing and flossing regularly; ideally, brush at least twice a day—in the morning and right before bedtime. Also, have your kids gargle antibacterial mouthwash after brushing. And visit the dentist for your kid’s regular checkups.

Cavity-causing germs feed on the sugar or carbohydrates from your kid’s food. The more food he eats during meals or snacks, the more prone he is to tooth decay. As much as possible, minimize the sweets. Also, have him brush or gargle to eliminate the bacteria and avert the spread of tooth decay.

If your kid is still on baby bottles, keep his bottle and pacifier clean by washing it after every use. It’s one way of maintaining a healthy mouth. Also, don’t let him walk around or play with his bottle and letting him continually drink from it.

Visit the dentist regularly to detect the early signs of cavity and tooth decay. He could also advise and give other tips on how to prevent them.