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I really appreciate Dr. Dodson and my new front tooth. When I came to see Dr. Dodson I had a missing front tooth. I had worn a flipper for years to fill in my smile. It was uncomfortable and I was very aware of it. He made me a beautiful new permanent tooth that matches my other teeth perfectly! Now

Dental Accidents (And What to Do If It Happens to You)

Noticed why most athletes (boxers, football players, etc.) wear mouth guards every game time? This protective gear helps prevent jaw and tooth injuries. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists highly recommends wearing it when engaging in physical sports like boxing, basketball, football, wrestling, and other similar activities. Think of it as armor and cushion for your teeth, protecting it from an incoming ball, object, or person.

However, mouth guards are not your typical fashion accessory that you can always wear to school, office, or party. Naked and unarmored, your teeth are at a risk of injury at a moment’s notice. It could get broken, loosened, or knocked out at the point of impact.

Accidents happen. Deal with it. What you do afterward is what really matters. If you slipped on the floor, fell off a bike, or bumped the wall and hit your mouth, chances are you could injure your jaw and teeth. Here are a couple of tips on dealing with the unfortunate event.

If your tooth broke, got chipped, or loosened, put an ice pack on the injured area. Save the chipped tooth fragment for possible reattachment, or gently attempt to push the loosened tooth back into its socket, if feasible.

If you knocked your tooth out, seek professional help immediately. A timely dental attention could greatly improve your tooth’s chances for reattachment. Still, you can attempt to restore it in its socket until professional help arrives; if not possible, place the tooth in your mouth (saliva helps), milk, or sterile saline solution but never in water.