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I really appreciate Dr. Dodson and my new front tooth. When I came to see Dr. Dodson I had a missing front tooth. I had worn a flipper for years to fill in my smile. It was uncomfortable and I was very aware of it. He made me a beautiful new permanent tooth that matches my other teeth perfectly! Now

What’s Wrong with Sugary Sweets?

Sugary snacks are a good motivational tool. If you want him to study his lessons, use sugary snacks as to motivate him to open his books. If you want him to help with the chores at home and offer sugary sweets as reward, he’ll get the job done. Truly sugary snacks are excellent leverage devices in dealing with your child.

However, sugary snacks can have a bad effect on his health. Sweets like candies, cookies, and other sugary stuff can cause a variety of adverse effects; tooth decay and cavities are just two of them.

So how do sugary snacks attack the teeth and cause tooth decay and cavities? Well, these sweets contain stuff that germs and bacteria in the mouth would want to eat. Yes, germs feed on the sweets. And some of these germs form a sticky substance called plaque, which in turn causes tooth decay and cavities.

The worse kinds include those sticky sweets that your kids love to chew. Since they stay longer in the mouth, the sticky, chewy, or gooey stuff gives their teeth a sugary bath; perfect for those cavity-causing germs. It’ll fatten them up.

If you want to give sweets to your kid, it’s best to limit them to dessert after a meal. Limit the number of times during the day in which your kid consumes any sweet and sugary stuff and remind him to brush his teeth thereafter. As much as possible, load his meals with the healthy stuff like fruits or veggies, which help build strong teeth.